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Maxine X Biography

I have always been the girl getting into trouble...I came to Canada as a young girl from my home country of Cambodia, but I was raised as the sweet all-Canadian girl. That didn't last long, and by the time I was 16, I was out on my own. By the time I turned 18 I was turning heads as an exotic dancer in Toronto, where I made tons of fans with my exotic Asian looks. I also got to explore my sexuality, and I found out that I had an intense passion for having sex with women, and in public, no less!

Not long after I started dancing, I met a friend who was getting into cam-modeling on the internet. That seemed like the next logical step. I could work my ass off in the clubs, and really work one or two tables of guys at a time, and make a few hundred a dance, or I could work a thousand guys at a time on the internet! It was a real revelation to me. After working as a cam model for about a year, I decided that I wanted more. I wanted it all!

By this time I had met Scott, the love of my life and now my dear husband. Scott had been making videos and introduced me to the bondage and discipline lifestyle. I loved it. I never felt more comfortable, and we started making videos together. We veered from bondage and discipline to machine fucking and large insertions to girl-girl, to anal and then squirting.

Squirting has become my trademark -- I don't quite know how I do it, I have just been blessed, I guess. When people ask me how I do it, I reply its pressure + vibration + passion, with a hit of exhibitionism. I remember the first time I squirted, it was in Scott's face, and he had a look of surprise like he had just been slapped. We were both shocked, but Scott kept licking my pussy to make me cum more. We were both drenched and it was so fucking hot!

So this is my life now...and you're invited to get a look at my wildest sexual fantasies. Explore My Kinky Diary and see my extreme passions and craziest kinks. There will always be something new and mind-blowing waiting for you.